Happy 4th Birthday London & Kyleigh!

Writing this with tears and so much joy in my heart. Today my girls are 4! That really flew by. They are full of surprises right from the day we found out there were actually two of them. Everyday with them is an adventure and they have already created a lifetime of memories! I still can’t believe that I get to be their mama! They truly are waking miracles that remind Chris and I everyday of the power of prayer and goodness of God.

The fact that they were even born alive was a miracle in its self. We never had any guarantees that they would make it to even see our faces when we found out the nature of this high risk pregnancy. Their birth story and day of arrival could have been very different and it’s still so crazy to me how it all played out. God is always working behind the scenes! I wrote a whole blog post about that day HERE if you want to check it out.:)

London Kate & Kyleigh Anne at 26 weeks weighing 1.6 & 1.8 pounds to now at 4 years old!

I will never forget our doctor looking at us in the eye saying, “Your daughters are very sick little girls. That’s what we were told over and over again but that isn’t what we saw or believed in our hearts. Yes, it was true they were obviously very sick. At that moment they were two of the most unstable babies in their unit. At that time London was lying there in her incubator medically paralyzed because of the pain she was enduring all over that tiny body and Kyleigh’s Chronic lung disease was getting more and more concerning by the day as she was needing the highest level of  breathing help that’s was possible.

Fear would try to crawl in and grip us daily but in our hearts we held tightly to the promises of God and image of them coming out of this situation 100%! And here they are today, healthy and completely whole. I am so thankful!!

Today we celebrate much more than them turning 4 but we are reminded of how far they have come and are reminded of God’s promises to us. Yes, It was a battle for sure and I would never want to relive those days again but we definitely were never alone. If you are in a battle we hope that this might encourage you that you too aren’t alone in your situation. God is near and even in a negative situation He has a way of turning things around and giving hope and peace to you.

If you would like to read their story and journey of 113 days in the NICU you can find all of my posts about that HERE.

This year we got to celebrated their birthday when my parents were in town which was so special. The bubbles were a huge hit and ended up soaking us all including the presents! The thing with having early birthday celebrations is you somehow end up celebrating twice anyways once the actual day rolls around so today calls for more birthday cake!

Happiest of Birthdays to you both my sweet girls, London and Kyleigh! Everyday raising you has been such a delight. I love watching you grow into the women that God created you to be! You are both so talented, creative and the best big sisters to Justice! I know that together you are going to impact many with God’s love! So excited for all of the fun adventures ahead!



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4 Honest Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing- By Chris Karuhije

Today we are talking all about the “internal construction” of building your dream relationship in your quest of finding love. I want to present to you four questions you should absolutely be asking about the person you are considering committing to.  These are in no way the only questions you should ask, but these will get you to start paying attention to who they really are, and not just who they say they are. If you want to start from the beginning of this series you can go to the first post here!                                               Read More

When Should You Commit?- By Kristy Karuhije

“The external construction are things that you should make a point to discover in a relationship before committing further.  Sometimes we commit to a relationship too soon to realize there are certain make or break issues about this person that had you known before you would have never kept investing yourself into that relationship.”

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Stella & Dot Pop Up Party!

Okay, I ate way too many donuts and cotton candy this day but it was super fun having a little girly party in my apartment for a Stella and Dot Pop Up with my favourite coffee! It seriously looked like a 12 year old picked out all of the food but that’s just me and my major sweet tooth. I loved catching up with all of these lovely and inspiring women and I am thankful to know each one of them (including the few not pictured!)

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Granville Island Throwback & JuJuBe Bag Giveaway!

These photo’s were from a fun photoshoot we did with JuJuBe International for their exclusive Canadian Collection back in summer. If you are in Canada the good news is JuJuBe is currently doing a giveaway! Details to be entered are HERE. Their bags are seriously the best! Lot’s of different styles and I love how spacious they are with so many compartments to stay organized.  I keep things for all 4 of us in mine whenever we go out and it’s super easy to find everything in it without having to pull everything out.

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Christmas Hot Chocolate Picnic!

We had so much fun having our Christmas hot chocolate picnic! This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions that we have been doing since London and Kyleigh were born. This year I brought speakers out with us and we cranked up the Christmas tunes! We currently have no snow here in Vancouver but if we did we would totally still do this outside!

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Whistler In December

We visit Whistler every couple months and especially love going in December! The Village feels like you are in a little Christmas Wonderland with all of the beautiful lights all over the trees. This month we went twice because the first time there wasn’t any snow yet so we had to come back a couple weeks later to enjoy the Christmas feel and celebrate Chris’ birthday! The 2nd time we went we made a point to not go onto Social Media to just be fully present in each moment as a family and it was so nice!

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A Fun Night At GLOW

Christmas is always my favorite time of year and all of these lights got me that much more excited about it! It’s coming so fast and I still have all of the things to do. The other day we were out in Langley and went to GLOW. It was all indoors and honestly it was so spectacular. If you are in the area or if you live downtown it will totally be worth the trip! Especially if you have little ones, trust me they will love it.

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The Cutest Headphones!

Today we are busy getting ready for Halloween but real quick I wanted to share with you guys an awesome product that “Cozy Phones” sent for my girls! Lately London and Kyleigh have been on this unicorn trend and I have to admit I’m a big fan myself. I was super excited about these headphones because regular headphones just don’t stay on the girls ears.

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The Sweet Escape

As I write this I am sitting in a coffee shop sipping my wonderful decaf cappuccino while pretending it is fully caffeinated because well, I’m pregnant and trying to cool it on the caffeine intake. Okay, today was a long day and I may be secretly escaping from my kids for a couple hours. I really do love them but everyone needs a break, right?

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A Prayer For My Daughter’s & Their Future Husbands

Last week I had amazing Valentines Day with Chris and was completely spoiled with a surprise getaway night to Whistler. With all the love in the air on Valentines Day I couldn’t help but think of the day my girls will find their forever Valentine’s. I wrote down this prayer that was on my heart for London and Kyleigh and their future husbands & I wanted to share it with you so I included a printable version for you to download. 😉 Maybe it sounds silly with them not even being 3 years old yet but if there is one thing I have come to experience in my life it is the power of prayer.

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Granville Island & 12 Things

Happy New Year! I know we are already well into the new year but this is my first and it feels good to be back! Chris and I decided to take some time to lay low for a bit to focus our time with the girls and praying about the new year. So I thought it would be fun to kick it off with 12 Things currently going on in our lives & a fun day we had on Granville Island.

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The Perfect Christmas Getaway & My New “Personal Stylist”

Christmas is TOMORROW! Which means, I still have to finish packing to go see family in two different, freezing cold provinces. Gahh, I cannot wait! For me packing is such a daunting task though, with limited space and two toddlers in the mix. I am an over packer and always end up bringing so many clothes home that I didn’t even wear but this year I am using my new favorite app that is like my own “personal stylist that I thought you guys may like to check out!”

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The Greatest Mystery of All Time- Advent Devotional Day 24

God is a Master Planner.  The moment Adam and Eve sinned and sin and death came into the world, God was already at work.  On that same day, God told Satan that the seed of a woman would crush his head (Genesis 3:15).  A man would come who would destroy Satan’s kingdom of darkness.  He did not reveal His plan right there, but chose to hide it.  It became the greatest mystery of all time.

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New Years Resolutions For 2018- Advent Devotional Day 23

With the new year just around the corner Chris and I have been talking about our 2018 resolutions/goals. Every year we usually write down our vision for the New Year and all that we would like to see happen then at the end of the year it’s fun to look back and see all that God had done while dreaming about what the new year might hold. However, our New Years Resolutions will be a little different in 2018.

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A Mother’s Forgiveness- Advent Devotional Day 22

I love the Christmas because it’s about a Gift that was given to a world that did not deserve it.  When I look back, there are so many things that should have disqualified me from the love of God.  Thank God He doesn’t base His love on whether we deserve it or not.  And because of what He forgave me from, I’m able to forgive those who don’t deserve it too.

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All is Calm- Advent Day 20

“Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, all is bright…”  That sounds really nice, but to me, Christmas is the furthest thing from calm. I grew up with my whole family of about 30, celebrating the holidays under one roof. Every room, nook and cranny was completely full of bodies! Then when you finally get to sleep it’s to the sound of laughing children, sliding mattresses and loud dancing. All is calm does not quite fit the picture! However, quietness on the outside is not exactly what I am talking about (Because I personally love my loud and crazy Christmas).

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A Personal Christmas- Advent Devotional Day 19

I often tell people that if I’m convinced of anything, if I know anything to be true, is that God loves me.  I know how simplistic or obvious that may sound.  Perhaps even someone who may not have a personal relationship with Jesus can say the same thing.  But I’m not just generally speaking in saying that God loves me, I’m speaking from an experiential place.  God loves me.  I’ve seen His love, I’ve tasted it, I’ve felt it, I’ve heard it; I’ve experienced it.  It’s personal to me.

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What To Do When Your Life Feels Stuck- Advent Devo Day 18

Do you feel like your life is on hold?  Like nothing seems to be working?  Like you have hit a brick wall and cannot go further?  Do you feel stuck? That is the way I felt Christmas 2005.  I was 20 years old, over $7,000 in debt, enrolled in a program that wasn’t for me, in a university college I did not like.  Worst of all, I couldn’t see a way out.  But that Christmas, I received one of the most life-changing pieces of advice I had ever received.  I hope it can help you too.

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Like Jesus, You Too Were Born At the Right Time To Make History- Advent Day 16

Do you ever wonder why you were born where you were?  To the family you were born into?  In the time period you were born in?  It wasn’t an accident that Jesus was born in the time, place and family he was born in.  Galatians 4:4 says, “But when the time arrived that was set by God the Father, God sent his Son…”  The time was preset by God for Jesus to come and make history.  And Like Jesus, you too were born at the right time to make history.

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God Has Someone Special For You To Stand Under The Mistletoe With Too!- Advent Day 14

To all the singles out there, I have an announcement: God has a special someone for you.  I know sometimes its hard to believe.  Especially when it seems like every song on the radio is playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. Especially when you are greeted by mistletoe everywhere you look.  Especially when everyone is buying presents for their significant other…  But I firmly believe, that God has a special someone for you too.


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Running On 3 Hours Of Sleep & No Caffeine + 4 Tips To Staying Connected To Jesus During The Holidays

I’m sure that we can all agree that Christmas is such a busy time of year and that we should be like Mary, taking the time sitting at Jesus’ feet rather than Martha who was too busy to hear what He had to say. Even for myself it can be very tempting to be like Martha and get caught up in the go, go, go of the Christmas season of fun traditions and mile high “to do lists leaving no room to hear from the very Reason For The Season.

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Find Your Purpose This Christmas- Advent Day 10

“Often times, God will hide the entire process for us because were He to show us the entire journey, it would most likely overwhelm you and perhaps even cause you to quit.  Because with every great life lived, there are valleys, there is pain, and there is persecution and sometimes we are not yet ready to see it all for we may never take the first step in the race! So instead, God gives us steps.”                                                                                         

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The Beauty Of “Immanuel” Advent Day 6

Out of the many names that describe Jesus I think that this one describes God’s purpose of Christmas the very best… “Immanuel”, meaning, “God is with us.” To me it shows the greatest desire of God’s heart. To be with mankind and have a relationship. In fact that’s what He had always intended it to be about.                           #FamilyOverEverything. 😉                                                                                                        

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A Christmas Miracle- Advent Day 4

Christmas is portrayed as a magical time of year because people are expecting miracles and good things to happen. Take a look at most of the popular Christmas movies. There seems to always be some sort of miracle take place in themMaybe you are in need of a miracle. I want you to know that God cares about you and your story. In fact He already full well knows every need and desire of your heart.”                                                

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Too Busy To Hear- Advent Day 3

London and Kyleigh despise our phones and laptops.  Okay, maybe its more of a love/hate thing.  They like playing iPhone games and randomly punching keys on our laptops, but are not as accommodating when Kris and I are on them.  Sometimes, London will sneakily come and gently (sometimes) push the laptop screen shut, while Kyleigh will slowly squeeze her face between you and the phone screen.

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Super Hero’s For The Day & The “I Ate All Your Halloween Candy” Prank

It was so fun dressing up as super hero’s this year with my little family for Halloween!! Growing up I had always loved dressing up and eating as much candy as humanly possible. I remember the last time I got dressed up with my friends was when I was 17 and the person handing out candy at the door rolled his eyes at us and said, “Aren’t you guys a little old for this?” So that was the end of Read More

Boy Meets Girl & The Day I Said, “I DO.”

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 was our anniversary of six years! I wanted to share with you guys our “love story,” in a nut shell along with some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day! Hopefully our story will give you encouragement if you are in that season of waiting or searching for the right one. I would have like to share this post with you guys on Saturday but well ya know…life…potty training days…and CHRISTMAS DECORATING believe it or not!:P

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Thankfulness Challenge & A Gift From Me To You!

I find it to be so easy to get caught up in the business and familiarity of things that days can go by without truly expressing thankfulness. So I have set out a Fall Challenge for myself and would LOVE for you to join me in this! Don’t miss the gift from me to you at the end of this post!;) Thankfulness is not just a polite expression but a powerful weapon. In fact, it allows God’s presence and power to come right into your scene.

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Finally Home After 113 Days In The NICU

Every new parent anticipates the day that they will bring their newborn baby home. For us, we had to wait 113 days while they were in the NICU which felt like a small eternity filled with bittersweet moments but our time was finally here. We were finally going home after 113 days!                                                                                                                                                                           

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